10 Effective Ways to Stay Productive in a Relaxing Home Environment
June 7, 2018 By


Why choose between peace and productivity? In a well-balanced home, enjoying both can be a breeze with these 10 tips.

Nowadays, homes are not just sanctuaries where one can rest and relax. As more professionals choose to telecommute or work full-time from home, these are now spaces that should also be conducive to getting things done.

How does one make a home a place of solace and productivity? How does one strike a balance between the two? These tips can help.


Keep your home clutter-free

Invest in shelves and desk organizers to keep your surroundings in order. Feel calmer knowing that your belongings are in their proper places; this will also allow you to work without distractions.


Allot a space dedicated to your work or study

Boost productivity by setting up a home office that inspires you to work. Start with a sturdy desk and an ergonomic chair. Make sure you have all the equipment you need (laptop, printer, telephone, office supplies) and that you have excellent connectivity.

Students should also have a designated space for studying. When powering through term papers, projects, research, and exams, having an area strictly for school work keeps one’s attention and energy constantly focused. On the other hand, there are instances when staying at home is not enough to help you concentrate. Perhaps they live with a lot of people and the noise levels are unmanageable, or maybe there just isn’t enough space at home. In this case, having easy access to a co-working space is an absolute must.


The bedroom should be a no-gadget zone

Your bedroom is your sanctuary; it should be peaceful and serene at all times. Get a good night’s sleep and refrain from working on reports, taking phone calls, or watching TV while in bed–these are best done in your living room or home office/study area.

Unit interior, The Arton. Photo from Rockwell Land


Establish a morning routine, and do it consistently

Working or studying straight out of bed, dressed in your pajamas, isn’t exactly motivating. If it’s time to work or complete that term paper, get in the right frame of mind by having a morning routine. Wake up early, exercise, shower, get dressed, and have a hearty breakfast–even if you’re just doing it from home.  This will give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


Plan your day

The lines between work time, personal time, and family time can be blurred, and this can lead to unnecessary stress. Create a to-do list for each day, setting aside time for each aspect of your life. Commit to avoiding distractions and to focusing your attention on the activity on hand. For instance, do not take calls while having dinner with your family.


Greenify your space

The sight of fresh plants around the home calms the spirit and enables you to concentrate on tasks at hand. Adorn your living room and bedroom with jasmine and lavender to help you relax. At your work space, display an orchid to improve your focus or a snake plant to keep headaches at bay. Dangwa Flower Market in Sampaloc, Manila and Quezon Memorial Circle are just two of the places where you can find your plant of choice.

It also would help to move your desk to face a window, especially if you have a garden view. Step away from your computer and take a walk in your garden to relax your mind every so often.


Utilize color

While blue is widely recognized as the color of peace and tranquility, this might not hold true for you. Identify what color relaxes yet inspires you and use this as the jump off point for the theme of your home.


Make lighting work to your advantage

Instead of one central light, install small lamps with low-wattage bulbs in areas of your home where you want to relax. In your home office or study area, consider placing your desk next to a window and take advantage of the natural light coming in. Better yet, take advantage of the great outdoors by stepping out of your home to read a book, meditate, or simply take in the view.

Indoor basketball court, The Arton. Photo from Rockwell Land


Move to de-stress

Some people like to unwind by kicking back and watching TV, but there are those who decompress through various physical activities. Swimming, working out at the gym, and playing basketball are actually effective ways to unwind after a long, stressful day of work.


Keep positive vibes flowing

Surround your home with things that you associate with happy memories. Perhaps put a framed photo of your family on your desk, a world map on your wall to remind you of your travel goals, or a chair inherited from a favorite grandparent.


The Arton: striking the perfect work-life balance

Located along The New Katipunan in Quezon City, The Arton by Rockwell Land is both a relaxing haven and a hive for productivity. Whether you choose to work within the bustling City of the Stars or right from your condo unit, this development’s prime location and productivity-conducive amenities ensure convenience for the ideal work-life balance.

Aside from different-sized units catering to a variety of residents, this high-end, high-rise residential condominium has a fully equipped gym, a drop-off area and lobby lounge, a function room, swimming pools, and a multi-purpose court. Each of its three residential towers also has a co-working space for learning, collaboration, and self-discovery. Best of all, 80 percent of this development is dedicated to open space, creating the feel of an urban paradise.

Fitness gym, The Arton. Photo from Rockwell Land

For residents who still want to do more, here’s something to look forward to: The Arton is launching Arton North, the second tower of the highly anticipated development. Built with top-notch amenities set against a relaxing view, it encourages a lifestyle that perfectly melds productivity and enjoyment.

The Arton is just a few minutes away from some of the country’s top colleges and universities such as University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College. It is also close to other residential communities and commercial districts.

Source: http://www.lamudi.com.ph/journal/effective-ways-stay-productive-relaxing-home/


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As a New Mom, This is How I Balance Motherhood and My Career
May 21, 2018 By

Genellane Go, a marketing director and mom to a four-month-old, shares how she’s found the sweet spot between parenting and work.

Genellane Go

Perhaps one of the most challenging things a new mom has to deal with is going back to work after giving birth. Not only is it physically demanding, it’s also emotionally difficult.

That’s why when first-time mommy Genellane “Len” Go—marketing director of a dental clinic and mom to four-month-old Amelia Gaile—went back to work, she made sure everything was set and planned for her little one.

Although Len shares that she’s still figuring out how to manage her time between her marketing job and her duties as a mom, here are some of the things she thinks might be helpful:

Ask questions and get help from fellow moms.

“It won’t make you any less of a mother,” Len says, “But of course, you have to weigh what and what not to apply to your child.”

TIP: The internet is a great way to look for information that can help you with your parenting choices, but nothing beats expert advice. For one, consult your child’s pediatrician when you’re unsure about something related to his health.

Sometimes, you get unsolicited advice and it may cause some anxiety, but don’t let it make you doubt your own parenting choices.

Cherish every moment with your child.

Before Len goes to work for meetings, she makes sure to spend quality time with Amelia in the morning. She breastfeeds her baby as soon as her little one wakes up, and then she lets the helper take over while she prepares for work. “One day she’ll grow up and maybe prefer her friends over me so I’m embracing every moment I have with her,” she explains.

Cherish every moment with your child.

TIP: Spending quality time with your kids can also help them become calmer, happier, and more successful in the future. Family bonding doesn’t have to be expensive, too! You can try these gadget-free activities with your little one this weekend, like an indoor picnic and a game of animal charades or jackstones.

Take care of yourself.

Len also emphasizes the importance of making time for yourself: “A good, hot bath and extra two hours of sleep are my current ‘me’ time.”

She adds, “After getting married, unwinding meant binge-watching our favorite TV shows at home. That, or just hang out in the mall. Having a baby is a different ball game, though. De-stressing now [means] getting sleep. It’s also a conscious effort to remind myself that all the sleepless nights are temporary.”

TIP: Like taking advice from experts and other mommies, taking a break doesn’t make you less of a mom. Don’t feel bad if you spend a few hours (or a few minutes) pampering yourself while the baby sleeps. Here are a few “mommy time” thingsyou can do, like getting lost in a good book and tending to some succulents.

Stop feeling guilty.

“Don’t feel guilty about having to leave your child so you can work,” Len points out. “Don’t lose your identity because of the noise around you.

“It’s easy to feel pressure from society because we are so informed about motherhood, but it’s a case-to-case basis. Just make sure that when you are with your child, you make it count, and your presence is felt.

Stop feeling guilty.

“At the end of the day, you know your baby best. Knowing that I’m doing the best I can to make sure Amelia grows up to be a good and healthy person is the most rewarding part of becoming a mom.”

TIP: recent study reveals that moms who work shouldn’t feel too bad about missing milestones or quality time. These can present opportunities to teach your child important values like resilience and grit. So instead of feeling bad about not being there, try these simple bonding activities.

Always look ahead and build a home where your family can thrive.

Len and her husband decided to buy a unit at The Arton by Rockwell to prepare for Amelia’s future. The Arton is developed by Rockwell, which makes her feel confident that the place will be well-maintained and would add value to her investment.

This high-rise community in Quezon City has 80% open space and lush garden conducive to raising a family. Len adds, “The Arton has a good location. The top universities are just nearby—perfect for when Amelia goes to college.

“I look forward to the amenities and the community that they will develop, too. Moving to The Arton will make it possible for me to have more bonding time with my husband and Amelia.”

Len says that even though she’s busy with work, she wants to be her own interior designer when decorating their future home: “Growing up, my mom made sure everything was nice and tidy, so I plan to do that for our home. I love a clean, homey feel—something you’d love to come home to every day.”

Amenities at The Arton will allow parents like Len to spend quality time with their kids any day. Retail establishments and family-friendly lifestyle hubs are also just within the vicinity.

When it comes to your family, giving them a relaxing community to go home to is a top priority. This will be possible for parents like Len at The Arton.

The ArtonFor more information on this rising community, visit the website.

Source: https://www.smartparenting.com.ph/parenting/real-parenting/i-m-a-new-mom-and-this-is-how-i-balance-motherhood-and-my-career-adv-con


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Blush and teal, posh and functional
March 17, 2018 By

MANILA, Philippines — Manila’s most fashionable hangout, Power Plant Mall, not only offers a leisurely experience for diners and fashion seekers, but also for discerning property owners looking for a unique home that speaks of exclusivity and the high life.

Entering the new lounge of The Arton at the mall’s brand-new wing, one already gets an idea on how to liven up a small space and infuse a young, cozy and elegant vibe.

The unusually non-boxed space blends full-wall bookshelves, a small huddle table with chairs, and tall dealing tables all in Scandi-chic mid-century colors and style. Of course, the large screens playing project videos are the focal point, but on the otherwise plain walls are interesting accents and artworks, backdropped by a light gray palette.

Architect Alice Erfe

Rockwell’s long-time resident interior design consultant, Architect Alice Erfe.

At present, The Arton comes in two must-see model units intended for young occupants: a compact and effective studio unit designed for a male college student, located in Rockwell’s latest community retail and office space, Santolan Town Plaza, and a one-bedroom for a young female professional, at the Power Plant Mall. The author was lucky to take a glimpse of the latter with a walk-through courtesy of Rockwell Land’s interior design consultant herself, Architect Alice Erfe.

“The Arton’s one-bedroom model unit is for a feminine resident. We used today’s trending colors of blush and teal to appeal to the younger crowd. We wanted to have a play of textures to convey the resident’s feminine yet strong personality, so we gave her a brick wall to show that strength, and blush accessories to soften the space,” begins Erfe and Associates’ principal architect and interior designer, who has been Rockwell’s consultant since its first project, more than 20 years ago.

Made for the stylish, organized and party-planning young professional, the 49-square-meter model unit features an elegant living area with a sofa (which could be another bed) and extra stools for guests, and a dining area with an attractive table setting smartly placed beside a full-mirrored wall. Across the dining table is a white and teal built-in storage cabinet that wonderfully flips down into a mini bar.

White and teal built-in storage cabinet

Across the dining area is a white and teal built-in storage cabinet with a flip-down bar equipped for entertaining friends.

Most of the wall panels actually have hidden latches, which open to reveal endless storage. The entry wall has white panels with artworks and hidden storage shelves for shoes and bags, while the kitchen has a surprise hidden storage panel for the ironing board and cleaning tools.

“What we want is to inspire the clients that no matter how simple the planned units are, there are a lot of ways of dressing them up or fitting them up to suit their needs and their requirements. Most of the time, a model unit becomes a dream. We had clients who asked to “make my unit like the model unit,” Erfe shares.

In the past, a storage unit always meant the utility room. Now, it’s everywhere; they could be pockets of nooks, or they could be walls that are hidden, or they could just be cabinets that flip down.

The Bedroom

The bedroom, with its soft and attractive beddings and full wall cabinets for home entertainment, display and storage, is a soothing haven after a long busy day.

“Storage should not look ordinary and obvious. Furniture and built-ins could be made to look like accent walls so they become part of the unit owner’s sense of projecting her style. This model unit is a very feminine and attractive home, made more relaxed and cozy by the brick wall and the full-height mirror, which doubles up the space,” Erfe reveals.

The Arton’s model bedroom maximizes the space even more without looking maximalist. In front of the bed stands a full wall of cabinets for home entertainment, display and storage, plus a built-in accent niche nesting above the padded headboard.

And with a play of white, cool gray and blush, with hints of teal and rose gold, the feminine home relaxes the senses — the eyes, mostly — after a hard day’s work.

The Arton Balconies

Breathtaking views await from the balconies of The Arton.

Located along The New Katipunan in Quezon City, the premier residential high-rise development is designed to enhance the comfort and well-being of its homeowners. This Rockwell Lifestyle boasts of an 80:20 ratio of open space and amenities to buildings, all while featuring swimming pools, a FIBA-sized indoor basketball court and function rooms where residents can attend yoga and other wellness classes.

Style, elegance and functional comfort; it’s everything a young lady boss needs within the city.

Source: https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/modern-living/2018/03/17/1797379/blush-and-teal-posh-and-functional


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Developer bets big in vibrant Katipunan
January 13, 2018 By

It is not without basis that the Philippine real estate industry is cautiously optimistic of its prospects for 2018.

Although headwinds are expected, the fundamentals that will likely support and sustain the industry’s stellar performance in recent years are seen to remain strong, according to some of the country’s leading commercial real estate services firms.

Growth drivers

Colliers International Philippines manager for research Joey Roi Bondoc noted, for one, the current key macroeconomic indicators that point to a sustained gross domestic product (GDP) growth over the next three to five years.

“Perennial growth drivers such as household consumption remain robust while manufacturing and foreign investments’ combined contribution to aggregate economic output continues to expand… Overseas Filipino workers’ remittances and outsourcing revenues should sustain strong domestic demand, partly shield the Philippine economy from global economic shocks, and provide trickle-down benefits to key segments of the economy, including property,” Bondoc said.

“The Philippines is becoming a more attractive investment destination in the region. As a result, we see more foreign property firms partnering with local developers in building several office, residential, retail, even township projects. The international partnerships will make the property landscape in the Philippines more competitive. Overall, more local and foreign brands result in greater competition which should ultimately benefit Filipino consumers,” he added.

Investment radar

Clearly, this optimistic outlook is shared by many real estate firms that have, in recent years, been aggressively launching new projects, even within the metro, despite the limited spaces that are available for development.

One of the areas that is often in the radar of most property developers and investors is Quezon City, which had posted the highest growth rate of 24 percent over the past four years compared to its neighboring cities in Metro Manila.

The metro’s largest city in terms of land area houses the top universities in the country with student population rising by 2 percent since 2011. It also ranks second highest in terms of annual revenue and tax collection.

And there are many locations within Quezon City that are specifically targeted by businesses and developers given the existing demand drivers.

The Katipunan area, for instance, had seen its land values grow by about 8 to 10 percent over the last five years given the demand for residential, retail, and lifestyle developments. Such a strong demand is being driven primarily by the presence of institutional establishments such as the University of the Philippines (UP), Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College; and of high end residential villages such as La Vista, Varsity Hills, White Plains and Ayala Heights.

“The growing interest among property developers is driven by demand for residential buildings and dormitories due to growing student population in the area. This has also driven the development of more retail establishments in the Katipunan area,” Colliers said in an earlier interview. “Overall, residential demand is being driven by the presence of major colleges and universities in the area as well as the growing disposable incomes of families and property investors with discerning preferences.”

Attractive location

Katipunan thus remains an attractive location for property developers, investors, and homebuyers, as new residential and commercial projects are being launched here. Hence, now is proving to be the best time for anyone to invest in Katipunan.

And one of these latest projects is The Arton, which is jointly being developed by Rockwell Land Corp. and Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

The Arton is Rockwell Land’s first foray in the North that is set to bring closer to residents in the area the same brand and lifestyle that this upscale developer is known for. More specifically this pioneering high-rise community will bring Rockwell’s signature brand of exclusivity, security, and distinct lifestyle in Katipunan.

On this 1.9-hectare property, of which 80 percent will be dedicated to open spaces, will rise three towers comprising a vibrant, self contained community, that will not only soon revel in The Arton’s topnotch amenities, lush greenery and breathtaking views, but also in its proximity to some of the country’s top universities such as Ateneo, UP and Miriam, as well as unique dining concepts, hole in the wall restos, and upscale neighborhoods, among others.

As such, The Arton is poised to become Katipunan’s perfect sanctuary for start-up families, young professionals and students.

Rockwell promise

The first of the three buildings is the Arton West, launched in July last year and will be ready for turnover come 2021. The two other buildings are the North Tower and the East Tower. All buildings—which will showcase premium living spaces and impeccable lifestyle choices—are expected to be completed within a six-year period.

Fulfilling that Rockwell promise, The Arton is indeed meant to be the answer to one’s much awaited aspiration to live in a safe and convenient haven—a perfect antidote to the daily struggles of those working and studying in the Katipunan area.

“The newly launched projects including Rockwell’s (The Arton) also provide greater security for students enrolled in major universities and colleges within the area. It is important for parents to know that their children are within a safe living environment,” Colliers International Philippines had said.

“Over the medium term, we see more lifestyle-oriented residential developments in the area especially with the launch of Rockwell’s residential project. Previously, most of the projects in the area are standalone residential developments. But new projects in the area are incorporating large open space for families as well as a wide array of amenities and facilities. The Rockwell project will redefine the residential landscape in the Katipunan area,” Colliers concluded.

Read the original article at http://business.inquirer.net/244029/developer-bets-big-vibrant-katipunan#ixzz56IvBDlHQ


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