The Arton: Flexible, safe space in the metro

By Amy R. Remo

The Arton is the first high-end high rise development along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.
Needless to say, homes have taken on a new importance amid this pandemic. Beyond being a safe haven, homes literally became multifunctional almost overnight, quickly adapting to the many abrupt disruptions seen over the past year. Today, as many choose to stay inside the safety of their residences, homes continue to be an office, a study area, a gym, and even an entertainment den. Homes provided the flexibility demanded by the pandemic.

So it comes as no surprise that the concept of “flex space” saw a newfound popularity, and is becoming a trend in home design these days.

Flex spaces, in general, refer to areas that can serve multiple functions, or which can be easily redesigned to accommodate a new purpose. While these are often associated with office, retail and industrial spaces, some interior designers have long appreciated having these areas in homes.

The Arton provides spacious, flexible living spaces perfect for the now normal.

Nancy J Ruddy, co-founding principal and executive director of the New York City-based CetraRuddy, said in an article last March for The National that “a key element in successful design—and given that homes are now multifunctional centres for work, schooling and home life—is flexibility for changing needs. Designing areas to suit more than one purpose, or what is referred to as flex spaces, gives people the option of expanding the functionality of their homes and allows for different uses throughout the day and in the evening.”

“A flex space that is thoughtfully planned can evolve from a media room, to a nursery and then to a remote school or office. Homes designed with flexible workspaces, such as studies or dens that double as guest rooms, or kitchens that feature nooks outfitted with work desks, have been catapulted into the spotlight,” Ruddy further said.

The co-working spaces and study areas offer a quiet, discreet environment that encourages focus.

It’s fortunate that there are up and coming residences in the metro offering the same kind of flexibility that will allow owners to easily reimagine and redesign spaces as their needs, preferences and lifestyles change over the years.

The Arton—a three-tower project being developed jointly by Rockwell Land Corp. and Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd.—provides spacious, flexible living spaces with ample room for nooks ideal for work-from-home setups and virtual learning. The Arton West Tower is the first to be completed, with units set to be turned over by 2022. Its residents will be among the first to enjoy this flexibility, along with Rockwell’s signature brand of lifestyle, exclusivity and security.

No doubt, The Arton’s premium living spaces, curated amenities and impeccable lifestyle choices will provide that much needed flexibility for any urban dweller in a post pandemic era.

The Arton | Drop Off Area

The Arton is poised to allow residents to experience new heights in fine living.

This 1.9-hectare lot located along Katipunan Ave. in Quezon City is poised to allow residents to experience new heights in fine living, with 80 percent of the area comprising vast, lush open spaces and verdant greenery, offering a rare but a much welcome breathing space as well as sweeping skyline views in the midst of a thriving city. The Arton will be your own safe, exclusive space embraced by nature.

Residences here are also well suited to varying lifestyles, from the solo dweller to a young, starting family. Choose from among the studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units on offer, with sizes up to 103 sqm. These sophisticated living spaces come with exquisite finishes while the towers’ features ensure your convenience and safety.

The Arton will be your own safe space in the bustling metro.

Achieving a holistic lifestyle is made possible here, thanks to The Arton’s curated mix of amenities meant to help ensure well-being, foster growth and nurture ties. Jogging paths, a fitness gym, swimming pools, a function room and an expansive indoor FIBA-sized multipurpose court are among the many modern indulgences future residents can soon enjoy.

But most notable of these amenities are the coworking spaces and study areas which can be found in each tower, offering a quiet, discreet environment that encourage focus.

As flexible work-fromhome or remote work arrangements are expected to remain in effect even post pandemic, these coworking spaces could very well be an extension of your home office. These areas can provide exclusive, highly conducive spaces for you to work and study as well as have online meetings, or even faceto-face huddles, eventually.

Step outside of your home and you’ll find Arton Strip, Rockwell’s first lifestyle destination in Quezon City, enabling residents to be just minutes away from essential and service shops. Today, one can already visit Starbucks, Sicillian Roast, MerryMart and Hi-Precision, as well as The Arton Sales Lounge, which is open for visits.

It helps that The Arton’s strategic location will place residents near other creature comforts—top medical facilities; grocery and convenience stores; cafés and restaurants; prestigious schools; churches; and shopping complex.

A home in The Arton truly gives you space in more ways than one—a space to live and thrive in, a space to achieve your pursuits, and a space to reimagine and redesign your home in the future.



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