A Visual Tour of The Arton’s One Bedroom Condominium Unit

Nestled in northern Metro Manila, situated on a 1.9 hectare estate of sprawling greenery sitting atop a hill, Rockwell Land’s first high rise condominium venture, The Arton is an oasis amidst surrounding business districts and established universities. With three residential towers, and thoughtfully designed amenities, the community embodies the company’s signature style and elevated living.

The Arton is a notable retreat in Katipunan, wWith eighty percent of the estate dedicated to open spaces and lush greenery, this urban oasis was designed to cultivate the potential of growing families and individuals. For those looking to take a peek at The Arton’s one bedroom condo in Quezon City here’s a visual tour video.

The Arton Standard – One Bedroom Condo in Quezon City

The one bedroom condo, as seen in the digital tour is ideal for starting families or for those who value proximity to their workplace while indulging in life’s comforts.
The digital tour allows you to visualize stepping into a spacious 49 sqm one bedroom condo The thoughtful use of the recessed ceiling and mirrors further widens the space, offering residents ample space to enjoy a comfortable living environment. The dining and living area is laid out in an open fashion to create a smooth flow when moving from one part of the room to another. The living space can easily be fitted with custom storage solutions for an entertainment system as well as personal touches.

The space leads to a set of sliding doors that open up to a private balcony. Surrounded by lush greenery and captivating cityscape, both guests and residents can unwind and find solace in this elevated retreat.

The kitchen is tucked discreetly by the entrance hall, creating the illusion of a separate room for the kitchen. The culinary nook is lined with top and bottom modular cabinets to allow residents to keep their space clean and tidy. The unit comes with a stainless steel sink, a refrigerator, a 4 burner stovetop and oven, as well as a range hood. Right by the culinary nook, some extra space can also be allocated to other additional utilities, or can even be converted into an extra pantry.

Hidden behind the culinary section of this Quezon City condo is a full bathroom. Utilizing mirrors and glass, the bathroom is converted into a sleek and modern space that can host essential comforts. The bathroom was masterfully designed to have 2 entrances, one accessible from the kitchen and outer living space, and a separate private entrance that leads directly to the masters bedroom.

In the master’s bedroom, a cozy bed is positioned beside a generous window, perfect for embracing the morning sunlight. With storage spaces and a builtin wardrobe readily-available, residents have the freedom to personalize and find their own comfort. At the core of this one bedroom condo in Quezon City, the well-designed space serves as a haven for residents to unwind and recharge.

This development is designed to accommodate diverse lifestyles, offering options ranging from studio to three-bedroom units.

The Estate – An Extension of the Luxury Home

The Arton lifestyle reaches far beyond the walls of your chosen high rise haven. With round the clock security, residents can easily enjoy the lush greenery and available amenities in the Quezon City condo.

From a dedicated pool for each tower to outdoor play areas, The Arton provides an opportunity for residents to embrace an active lifestyle. A fully equipped gym is also available to residents seeking an environment for their fitness goals. This development takes it a step further with a multi-function sports court to cultivate a sense of community amidst the bustling urban landscape.

Being so close to the school district and business capitals, this Quezon City condo provides co-working spaces, and function rooms, residents can use for their academic or professional endeavors.

Adding to its appeal, with 80% of the estate dedicated to greenery and open spaces, residents can indulge in leisurely strolls and moments of relaxation. This self-sustaining community caters to the modern urban dweller, offering not only comfortable living spaces but also thoughtfully curated dining options and a range of commercial establishments ensuring a well-rounded experience for its residents.

In essence, The Arton stands as a harmonious blend of tranquility and contemporary living, embracing the essence of a fulfilling lifestyle.For anyone seeking to live the comfortable and elevated lifestyle, signature to this luxury estate, visit our website.

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