When Raising Smart Kids, Big Imagination is Also Key
May 7, 2018 By

In this day and age of progressive education—and with more schools deviating from the traditional setup in favor of more creative teaching approaches—it’s clear that the educational system is experiencing a shift. Instead of keeping kids holed up in a classroom with their books, there’s now more emphasis on nurturing independence and imaginative thinking.

“A child with a healthy imagination often has a deeper outlook and understanding of the world around her or him,” explains Dr. Vicente Carlomagno D. Mendoza II, M.D., a pediatrician at FEU-NRMF.

Moreover, “imaginative” kids tend to have better problem-solving skills that can lead to better success in life, he adds. One easy way to boost children’s imagination is to engage them in play. “Play is very important to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of a child, [and] develops their creativity and imagination,” says Dr. Mendoza.

It’s important, therefore, for a child to have a home that affords him ample play space and plenty of room to explore and be creative—such as the new, open-space design of The Arton by Rockwell, a new exclusive community nestled on a hill in Katipunan, Quezon City. Here, we give you some expert-approved games and activities for your tots (all doable at The Arton), that can help deliver some serious dose of vitamin imagination.

Strategy Games

Forget gadgets and TV time. Dr. Mendoza recommends giving kids toys and activities that encourage them to think and analyzeYou can try games like:

1. Building Blocks

2. Puzzles

3. Mini Obstacle Course

According to Dr. Mendoza, these kinds of games and toys can help your child think and help enhance the development of their gross motor skill.

Pretend Play or Role-Playing

Remember playing bahay-bahayan and luto-lutuan when you were younger? These are examples of pretend play, which are great ways to exercise your child’s creative brain muscles. For even better make-believe scenarios—like “superhero” time, for example—help your kids make their own costumes and props, and take the fun outdoors.

Pretend Play or Role-Playing

You can also bring your kids to swimming pools and play pretend pirate ship or go on an underwater treasure hunt. Maximize the facilities you have at home or in your neighborhood so you can give your kids variety and create more interesting role-playing games that can help improve their imagination.

Storytelling or Mini Theater

Level up your bedtime story routine by turning your child’s favorite tale into a mini theatrical production. Think makeshift stage, DIY outfits, and, of course, your kids as the main stars! But don’t do everything; let your kids make the major creative decisions, and just be there to guide and help them execute their plans.

Hide and Seek or Tag

Who wouldn’t want to play these games if you have a vast space to explore or plenty of secret rooms to hide in? Let the entire family join in, too! You can also try other outdoor games like jump-rope, hopscotch, or Capture the Flag.

Arts and crafts

“Painting, coloring, and molding clay [are other ways] to develop a child’s imagination,” says Dr. Mendoza, who adds that these “creating” activities help kids translate their imagination into reality. Don’t worry too much about the mess, though. Limiting a child with too many rules can dampen his creative spirit. To get him extra inspired, have him fulfill his art time outside—with a glorious nature view.

Arts and crafts

Equipping your child with the right tools and activities to fuel his imagination, and providing him with a safe space where he can joyfully explore such creative pursuits, can help him become truly smart, creative, and well-rounded.

It’s also important to choose a family-friendly home and neighborhood that gives him access to plenty of recreational activities and areas.

The Arton by Rockwell

The Arton by Rockwell, the first high-end, high-rise residential community in Katipunan, is just that. With an overlooking view of the Sierra Madre mountains and the Ortigas skyline, this exclusive 1.9-hectare property boasts of 80% open space and lush gardens, giving you and your family access to ample breathing space—perfect for young, curious kids who are ready to run about (in costumes, no less!), explore, and make creative messes.

Source: https://www.smartparenting.com.ph/health/your-kids-health/when-raising-smart-kids-big-imagination-is-also-key-adv-con


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Breathing Space in the Center of the City
March 10, 2018 By

Taking inspiration from Rockwell Center’s West Block (as seen in photo), The Arton is set to bring
Rockwell Land’s signature touch of greenery and open spaces to Katipunan, Quezon City

Actor Nathan Phillips once said, “If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.”

Indeed, to have a place where you can marvel at each sunrise and sunset seems like a rarity to many, most especially if you’re living in the heart of a city teeming with high-rise developments and commercial centers, and where open spaces have become increasingly scarce.

“I like seeing the sun rise and I like seeing the sun set. No matter what time I sleep, if I get up early I go out to the garden. And before the day ends, I like to see the changing colors in the garden. It calms me down, it makes me relax,” shared landscape architect Jacko Zialcita.


That same convenience can soon be had at Rockwell Land’s latest foray in Katipunan, Quezon City called The Arton, where Zialcita is infusing the company’s signature design in terms of wide open spaces, manicured lawns and lush greenery.

According to Rockwell Land’s long-time design consultant, providing open spaces in developments, where children and their parents can simply go out, enjoy the gardens and catch the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, is a priority for him.

Fortunately for Zialcita, Rockwell Land gives utmost consciousness to the environment and priority to having open spaces and lush greenery, as seen in all of its existing developments. This, he stressed, differentiates this upscale dev-eloper from all the other real estate firms today.

Proof of that is the fact that a sprawling 80 percent of the 1.9-ha property will be dedicated to open spaces, while the remaining area will be home to the three towers that will soon comprise a vibrant, self-contained community.

The first of the three buildings is The Arton West Tower, launched in July last year and will be ready for turnover come 2021. The two other buildings are the North Tower and the East Tower. All buildings—which will showcase premium living spaces and impeccable lifestyle choices— are expected to be completed within a six-year period.

Through The Arton, Rockwell Land will thus be bringing to the Katipunan area its distinct brand of lifestyle, exclusivity and security.

Notably, this high-end developer will be bringing to Katipunan the same expertise that allowed it to create sustainable masterplanned communities such as the 15.5-ha Rockwell Center, now deemed an unparalleled structural masterpiece in Makati City. Through The Arton, the company will soon allow future residents to bask in that famed Rockwell lifestyle that many of the country’s affluent now enjoy.

Artist’s perspective for The Arton

Artist’s perspective for The Arton

Breathing space

Important to note however that apart from its signature brand, Rockwell Land will also be providing a much needed breathing space to this part of Quezon City, which has long been a picture of progress given that this bustling major avenue is home to some of the country’s top educational facilities including the University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College, as well as other upscale residential projects and commercial establishments.

Hence, The Arton offers a different proposition to those living, studying or working within or near the Katipunan area: it provides the perfect sanctuary for a home, where you can simply revel in nature’s wonders and in the simple joys of having wide open spaces, without needing to go far.

According to Zialcita, Rockwell Land’s first upscale high-rise community in Katipunan is taking shape on a property that sits on a hill and which used to be a residential compound.

“Because of its terrain, the concept was to maximize the buildable areas for the basement parking, and by doing that we’ve been able to keep the open spaces, the swimming pool area, the kids’ playground,” Zialcita disclosed.

“The Arton will have three swimming pools. Each tower will have a swimming pool, with the biggest pool located at the center of the three towers. These pools are going to be connected by great lawns, great shrubs, plant beds, playgrounds, walkways for the kids, for the toddlers, kids in strollers, kids in bicycles. They will all have enough space to just be able to play around the whole day, if need to,” he further shared.

Making a difference

As part of Rockwell Land’s thrust towards sustainability, a lot of the trees on the property were retained, according to Zialcita.

He explained that there were a lot of trees by the border of the property and thus, the accessibility to the basements to all the three towers were realigned to maintain the existing trees. He added that they wanted to “keep it green” and therefore, some adjustments had to be made to keep it so.

“Overall, there are more positive effects when you have open spaces and greenery. I think that’s what helped make Rockwell what it is,” he noted.

“I think the long term impact of The Arton is, as you drive to Katipunan you’re going to see a nice little community with three towers and open spaces and a lot of greenery. And that’s the difference we’re going to make in Quezon City, especially for the student community in that area,” Zialcita concluded.

As published in business.inquirer.net on March 10, 2018: http://business.inquirer.net/247440/breathing-space-center-city


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4 Great Metro Manila Cities for Comfortable Living
March 8, 2018 By

These cities offer the most value for your investment.

Metro Manila is teeming with people from all walks of life. As millions of Filipinos compete for real estate on a mere 619 square kilometers of land, the city-dweller can’t help but be thankful for pockets of tranquility and short travel times, which the best cities have. Here are four of them:

1. Makati City

Finding ample breathing space amidst the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila can be a challenge. If you have your sights set on Makati, Rockwell Center offers a refreshing change of pace from the frenetic central business district. It’s home to a number of condominiums, and is also within walking distance is Power Plant Mall, where you can find cozy restaurants like The Wholesome Table, Mamou! Too, and The Glasshouse by Harlan + Holden Dine.

The pubs and speakeasies of Bel-Air and Poblacion—great spots for unwinding after work—are also a stone’s throw away from Rockwell. For young professionals looking to settle down and live comfortably, this city within a city is a great choice.

2. Pasig City

Town & Country x Arton

Pasig has done away with plastic bags, encouraged the use of e-bikes and e-jeepneys, and maintained a rainforest park, all to ensure that it lives up to its reputation as a “green city.” Thanks in large part to the local government’s efforts, the city was recognized in 2013 as one of the most livable communities in the world.

Pasig is also located in the central part of Metro Manila, which makes the rest of greater Manila within reach. Young families looking for a more sustainable way of life can settle fast and easy at The Grove, a green development surrounded by schools, restaurants, retail establishments, and a reputable hospital.

3. Parañaque City

If you have a more laid-back lifestyle, Parañaque might be for you. BF Homes, in particular, is known for its relaxed atmosphere, pedestrian-friendly streets, and vibrant restaurant scene. It’s also a short drive from Alabang’s business district, schools, and commercial establishments, so you can have some peace and quiet without forgoing the convenience of city life. Here, you can live harmoniously and enjoy the best of both worlds.

4. Quezon City

With an exciting restaurant scene, Katipunan has become a thriving academic district in Quezon City—the largest city in Metro Manila. Families with school-age children can soon settle in The Arton by Rockwell, which will provide a nurturing space with its earth-toned suites and co-working spaces, vast greenery, swimming pools, and a multi-purpose court. With 80 percent open space, The Arton will give you a sweeping view of the Sierra Madre mountains and the Ortigas skyline.

Town & Country x Arton

Arton Bedroom

The Arton aims to imprint in Katipunan the signature brand of lifestyle, exclusivity, and security Rockwell offers. The generous living spaces nestled within the 1.6-hectare property offers a peaceful and secure community that’s in close proximity to virtually everything a family needs.

Whether you’re looking for excitement or seeking serenity, you’ll find a community that’s right for you in Metro Manila. For an upgraded urban experience, consider making The Arton your new address.

To see and know more about The Arton, visit The Arton on Facebook or call 0917-88-ARTON.



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Making the right investment with The Arton
February 10, 2018 By

“The location of The Arton was perfect since we have always been Loyola Heights people since the ’80s. We’ve moved houses several times, but we always chose to be near Katipunan where our children study. We are comfortable living in this area,” Mitch said.

“With Rockwell, we also felt that it would definitely appreciate to an impressive value over the years, having heard this from friends and relatives who have chosen to invest or live here,” she added.

‘New home’

For Roy and Mitch, buying a unit at The Arton was supposedly meant to be either as a form of investment or for their retirement. Their plan now, according to Mitch, was to move into this community upon the turnover of their unit at The Arton.

“In five or so years (upon turnover of the unit), we see ourselves downsizing from a big house to this three-bedroom unit. Some of our kids may either be living, working or studying abroad, and we want to keep a smaller home that would be easy to maintain, as well as safe to leave behind when we travel, go out of town, and visit our kids or parents who live in provinces in the north—Nueva Ecija and Baguio,” Mitch said.

“Roy’s parents have a business in Nueva Ecija which he may have to help out with someday. The two-hour drive to Nueva Ecija would be easy coming from The Arton as it is close to the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx). So definitely, we are happy with the community we’ve chosen and look forward to making Arton our new home,” she further noted.

Living & Dining Room

Distinct brand

Through The Arton, Rockwell Land is bringing to Northern Metro Manila that distinct lifestyle that the upscale developer has been known for over the past two decades. More specifically, The Arton will imprint in Katipunan Rockwell’s signature brand of lifestyle, exclusivity, and security.

About 80 percent of the property will be dedicated to open spaces, while the rest will house three towers comprising a vibrant, self contained community, that will not only soon revel in The Arton’s topnotch amenities, lush greenery and breathtaking views, but also in its proximity to some of the country’s top universities such as Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, and Miriam College, as well as unique dining concepts, hole in the wall restos, and upscale neighborhoods.

In a nutshell, The Arton is well poised to become Katipunan’s perfect sanctuary for young professionals, students, start-up families, and couples who want to downsize like Roy and Mitch.

The first of the three buildings is the Arton West, launched in July last year and will be ready for turnover come 2021. The two other buildings are the North Tower and the East Tower. All buildings—which will showcase premium living spaces and impeccable lifestyle choices—are expected to be completed within a six-year period.

Fulfilling the Rockwell promise, The Arton is indeed meant to be the answer to one’s much awaited aspiration to live in a safe and convenient haven—a perfect antidote to the daily struggles of those working and studying in the Katipunan area.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/245755/making-right-investment-arton#ixzz56sR4ef60


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How Work-at-Home Moms Can Better Manage Their Time
October 25, 2017 By

It’s a common misconception that work-at-home moms have it easy. But in reality, nothing is more challenging than balancing mommy duties and contributing to the family income.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed. One of the great things about being a work-at-home mom is that you have control over your time. The key is to stay organized. You can either make a list of your tasks for the day or create a realistic schedule that you can stick to. When you have a routine, you won’t feel like you’re forgetting anything.

Here are a couple more tips to help you master the balancing act of being a work-at-home mom:

Set priorities.

You’re a wonderful mom, but you do not have the power to be in several places at the same time. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Understand that you cannot accomplish everything in one day. Instead of trying to finish all your tasks in one go, spread them out. Make a list of important tasks and urgent ones. Make a grid like the one below—categorizing them like this will help you make sure you don’t miss anything.

Important Tasks Grid

Work when you are most productive.

You can find your most productive work times and patterns just by paying closer attention to your daily habits, as well as your energy and focus levels. Be mindful of when you’re feeling most alert and attentive—choose that time to do some work.

Your working hours can also depend on your child’s feeding schedule, what time he wakes up, and when he’s most active. Find that time of day when you are free from distractions. For some moms, it’s the wee hours of the morning (or night!); for others, it’s their kid’s nap time. Take that window of opportunity and use it well.

Need a boost of energy to get you through your tasks? Make it a habit to eat breakfast with a combination of protein and fiber. Try doing moderate cardio exercises, too, like brisk walking.

Create boundaries.

Once you’ve established the best time for you to work, create realistic boundaries around it. Turn off phone notifications when it’s not time for you to work so you can focus on other things like cleaning the house, playing with your kids, or preparing the family meal.

Download helpful apps.

There are several mobile applications like Remember the Milk, Evernote, and Wunderlist that can help you organize your day—from ones that will alert you when you have something due, to ones that will let you see what you’ve already accomplished and what you still need to do.

Try not to multitask.

Doing several things at the same time sounds like a great idea, but it will leave you feeling drained. Line up your tasks one after the other instead of doing two to three things at the same time so you can be more productive.

Take a break!

Don’t feel guilty about taking a breather—your mind actually needs it. Take 30-minute breaks every time you work for four hours. It will help you regain focus and perspective so you feel refreshed and ready to take on your tasks again. Did you know that taking microbreaks can actually increase your productivity by 30%?

It also helps if you have a work area that doubles as a rest space, too. Since you’re working from home, find a little nook where you can have some quiet time, with coffee or tea, to refresh your mind. If you live in a property like The Arton by Rockwell, you’ll find it easier to work thanks to its quiet co-working spaces where you can finish up on reports without any distractions.

The Arton by Rockwell also boasts of resort-like amenities. It has 80% open space dedicated to amenities and greenery. When the kids are asleep, squeeze in some time to lounge in the pool or let off steam at the gym. Don’t feel guilty about it. When you take care of yourself, you can take care of your family better.

However you go about your day as a work-at-home mom, know that it’s absolutely okay to pause and take a break. That’s why it’s also important that you invest in a property that has amenities that can help you work and also play. When you live in a home close to the city’s major destinations, with facilities that allow you to care for your family and work at the same time, your life as a work-from-home mom will be a lot easier.

Learn more about the features, location, and amenities at the Arton by Rockwell at www.theartonbyrockwell.com

This article was originally release through https://www.smartparenting.com.ph/parenting/real-parenting/how-work-at-home-moms-can-better-manage-their-time-adv-con


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Start Your Happy Home Life in Katipunan
August 27, 2017 By

What’s new in Katipunan?

MANILA, Philippines – When it comes to family-friendly communities in Quezon City, Katipunan is a favorite area among those who are looking for a neighborhood that’s safe, secure and has all of your daily needs conveniently covered.

Lined with several notable academic institutions, it’s also home to many interesting shops, cafes and restaurants that are unique to the area, with multiple offices also nearby.

Of course, there are also churches, hospitals and supermarkets around, giving residents no reason to go far whenever they need something.

The new Katipunan

Recognizing these, Rockwell is developing the first high-end, high-rise residential community in Katipunan – The Arton by Rockwell, giving residents the chance to enjoy the distinct Rockwell lifestyle in a new location.

Offering not just top-notch amenities, The Arton by Rockwell also promises breathtaking views of the Ortigas skyline and the Sierra Madre Mountains bringing quality living in the city full circle.

It’s perfect for families who want to get more out of city living – without the stress. Just like The Arton’s unit owners, Alex and April Apsay, and Dan and Neva Santos, couples who are looking forward to create memorable experiences at Katipunan’s upcoming address.

Alex and April share, “We chose The Arton to be our new home because it is conveniently and strategically located near our children’s schools. With Rockwell as its developer, we are assured of sound and quality structures and excellent security. We look forward to making happier memories as a family in The Arton.”

An elevated lifestyle

More than just developing marvelous properties, Rockwell is also highly regarded for the unique lifestyle that it gives to residents.

Dan and Neva noted that they particularly liked how The Arton allows them to still be conveniently near their loved ones while still ensuring quality time with their family. “We decided on The Arton because we wanted our own place while still being close to our family and friends, as well as the support system that we have built for our two sons. When we found out some of our friends were already living happily in Rockwell developments, we opted the same for our own family.”

The Arton is a 1.9-hectare property with 80 percent open space dedicated to well thought-out amenities and pleasant greenery.

The first to rise among its three towers is The Arton West Tower, housing 24 residential floors with a total of 469 units. It is the perfect sanctuary for starting families or those who want to down size from their big house in a nearby village thanks to its spacious two to three bedroom units.

A breath of fresh air

With the 80:20 ratio of open space and amenities to buildings, The Arton will offer some breathing room for residents and their guests who want to enjoy the cool fresh air while relishing in the expansive gardens.

Long jogging paths encircle the towers, each one having its own swimming pool, and a main pavilion located in the middle of the amenity deck. A unique amenity being offered at the property are the co-working spaces, where The Arton enables residents to have an appropriate space for collaborating and for studying, pushing them to discover and harness their unique potential.

For play, The Arton offers a versatile, FIBA-sized court where teams can master each throw, spike or swing. Pushing the envelope further, The Arton also has it own fitness gym that will keep residents motivated in their fitness goals.

With all these new and exciting amenities in addition to a function room, a retail row, and top-notch building features, there’s much to look forward to in the new Katipunan with The Arton by Rockwell.

For more information on The Arton, visit www.theartonbyrockwell.com

As published in philstar.com on August 27, 2017: http://www.philstar.com/modern-living/2017/08/27/1733435/start-your-happy-home-life-katipunan


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The North Is Ready: Rockwell Land’s the Arton Gets the Katipunan Crowd
August 4, 2017 By

#NOFILTER – Chonx Tibajia (The Philippine Star)

Commuting, or even driving from one point to another, never gets easier. It’s a fact of life that’s perennially stressful and inescapable. During my years studying in Ateneo, I thought my travel time from Makati to Katipunan was bad. It was an hour and a half on a good day; three hours on a bad, stormy one. To be ease the ordeal, I made it a point to leave the house before 7:45 a.m.; by 7:46 it would be total mayhem on the road with everyone rushing to everywhere.

Imagine my horror when The Arton’s project manager Vienn Tionglico-Guzman told me that little children studying in the Katipunan area had to wake up at 4 a.m. and endure three hours of travel time. “They do their homework in the car and change into their pajamas in the car on their way home!” she says.

This is the market of Rockwell Land’s latest development in the north, The Arton: kids studying in UP, Miriam College and Ateneo, professionals working in the area, and families looking for a nice and safe place to settle down in an area familiar to them, perhaps not too far from their original homes.

“The Arton is the only high-end residential high-rise development within that area,” says Vienn, “Of course, it’s surrounded by exclusive villages, but what differentiates it is really the scale — that we were able to create a nice, exclusive community for, not just students, but young professionals and families to dwell in.”

Located in the two-hectare former Ramos compound along Aurora Boulevard, The Arton will have three buildings: Arton West, 24 stories, which Rockwell recently launched at Power Plant Mall with aerial ballet performances; the North Tower, 28 stories; and the East Tower, 34 stories. The project will have a five- to six-year development period.

“We want to bring the Rockwell living experience outside Makati, where the market would feel naturally comfortable. In Ortigas, we have The Grove, and we saw that it works. It was an alternative for people from Valle Verde and Greenhills when they started moving out of their homes. Nowadays, people find condo living practical, and that’s exactly why we look to the north. So we had the property formerly the Ramos compound. It’s strategically located, close to the schools and public transport stations. The size was also nice for us to be able to develop a lot of open space. Interestingly, too, the chemistry was there. The Ramos compoud, apparently, has been known by different generations. There’s a lot of nostalgia,” shares Vienn. “I think the most important is the peace of mind that we’ll be able to give the parents, should they decide to leave their kids there for the week to go to school. Right now, they don’t have that option.”

Vienn adds that many of their sales associates, who studied in the Katipunan/Quezon City area, have shared their own traffic horror stories. “They said, ‘Bakit walang ganyan dati?’” said Vienn. “So it’s very much appreciated in that sense.

Like all Rockwell Land properties, The Arton will deliver on the “100% Rockwell Promise,” which covers safety, security, community, exclusivity, convenience and stable capital value. The development will also have its own retail area, which will prioritize serving the most basic needs of residents.

One thing that makes The Arton unique and truly a development for the next generation is its co-working spaces. Within the property, exclusively for residents, are co-working spaces that will make doing business even easier. “It’s your modern-day library, but with a more youthful, agile space.”

Each tower will have its own pool, aside from the main pool. And there will be a FIBA-sized basketball court, which will be across the function room, where wellness classes like yoga will be held. The Arton will also have a separate trail for pets (standard size in terms of weight is 40 lbs.). There will be four high-speed elevators, automatic fire alarm, fire detection and fire sprinkler systems, closed-circuit TV monitoring, exclusive drop-off bay, and security system with electronic access control.

“I think what’s really striking with The Arton is how much we are able to put in, in terms of open space, at a very competitive price. We’re pricing it on the same level of what a standalone building offers. There’s a huge space for amenities. It’s very smart in terms of space allocation. We will also have 100 percent backup power, which makes it really comfortable for the end-user,” adds Vienn.

In terms of pricing, Rockwell Land positions The Arton as an affordable development. “The Proscenium is selling at P300,000 per square meter. The Arton is P145,000 per square meter. It’s a competitive rate along the Katipunan strip, as well,” says Vienn.

A studio unit at 27 sqm. is priced at P3.9 million, P5 million with parking. A one-bedroom unit at 45 sqm. is priced at P7 million, an 85-sqm. two-bedroom is at P12 million, and a 100-sqm. three-bedroom is around P16 million, with two parking slots.

The Arton has been well-received by those already living in the Quezon City area, and those who have homes in the south and Makati but are sending their kids to universities in the area. To date, Rockwell Land is yet to disclose how much of the property is already sold, but with its unique positioning — as a necessity that also offers the Rockwell lifestyle — it’s been well received even before the first tower’s official launch.

As published in philstar.com on August 4, 2017: https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/modern-living/2017/08/04/1725056/north-ready-rockwell-lands-arton-gets-katipunan-crowd


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Here’s Proof That Living in the City Can Be Stress-free
July 30, 2017 By

For many of us who work nine-to-five jobs, finding time for hobbies and learning new things seem impossible. After juggling to-do lists and managing household chores, we often find ourselves slumped on a couch—tired and thinking about what to do next.

However, this shouldn’t be the norm. As seen in the recently held Real Living Open House, we can take a break from all things stressful, pick up a new hobby, and turn an ordinary day into something extra special.

Open House Hosted by The Arton by Rockwell in partnership with Real Living

Hosted by The Arton by Rockwell in partnership with Real Living, the Open House saw the North Court of the Power Plant Mall last July 26 transform into a learning hub where guests enjoyed a series of homemaking workshops facilitated by representatives from Craft MNL and Habil Crafts.

Homemaking workshops facilitated by representatives from Craft MNL and Habil Crafts.

How do you de-stress on a busy Wednesday? By crafting home décor! Attendees learned how to make a macramé wall hanging.

Macramé Wall Hanging

Each attendee was also given a chance to craft mini balls and stars using leaf fronds. Participants accepted the challenge of folding, braiding, and turning simple materials into quirky pieces of art.

Each attendee was also given a chance to craft mini balls and stars using leaf fronds.

To cap off the hands-on activities, the attendees took a crash course on furoshiki wrapping. Whether you’re transporting books, bottles, and small boxes, a piece of fabric is all you need to keep these in place.

The attendees took a crash course on furoshiki wrapping.

Given the hustle and bustle of the city and our daily struggle with traffic, coming home to a serene space is a must. It’s safe to say that many of us want to bring a piece of nature into the home to keep it welcoming and relaxing. Marvz Conti of Habil Crafts gave a short talk on urban gardening for condominiums. He shared a list of plants that can thrive indoors, plus tips on how to care for each.

Marvz Conti of Habil Crafts gave a short talk on urban gardening for condominiums.

Without a doubt, a green corner in a small space can help us forget the day’s stress and worries. If a pocket of green is enough to help us breathe and succeed in the city, just imagine how beneficial a vast open space with lush greenery can be.

A green corner in a small space can help us forget the day’s stress and worries.

Since living in the city can take its toll on us, having a place where you can live life to the fullest is a must. With a promise of exclusivity, security, and premium living, The Arton by Rockwell is the newest prime address in Quezon City. Found on top of a hill in the Katipunan area, The Arton isn’t just a place for those who are looking for a new home. It’s also an ideal venue where passions take center stage.

Each tower of The Arton will feature a co-working space where individuals can work, study, and focus.

Beyond the three towers that will soon be home to many individuals and families, what sets The Arton apart from the rest is that 80 percent of the 1.9-hectare property will be used for resort-like amenities and greenery, giving the future homeowners a special place where they can relish the panoramic view of the skyline. Surrounded by trees and greens, the open space will highlight an amenity deck with a pavilion where families can bond, swimming pools, and jogging paths that wind around the towers and lovely gardens.

How can you stay stress-free in the city? By having everything you need within reach. The Arton will have a FIBA-sized multipurpose court for the sporty in you, several establishments within the property for your dose of retail therapy, a function room for memorable celebrations, and a fitness gym where you can exercise and stay in shape.

The bonus: Each tower of The Arton will feature a co-working space where individuals can work, study, and focus.

Whether you’re into crafting, decorating, and gardening, The Arton will have pockets of peace where you can make time for the things you love. Just like how the ground floor of the Power Plant Mall became a venue for learning, this soon-to-rise property can be a special place where one can realize his potential and start a home.

The Arton by Rockwell is the first high-end, high-rise residential community in Quezon City. Located along Katipunan and Aurora Boulevard, The Arton is composed of residential towers pocketing a lush garden and 80 percent open space. The first of the three towers, The Arton West Tower, was launched last July 29 at the North Court, R1 Level of the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City.

To learn more about The Arton by Rockwell, visit its official website. You can also follow it on Facebook for more updates.


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The Marvel of Arton
July 29, 2017 By

By: – @inquirerdotnet

To make the mundane marvelous.

Only a brave handful will perhaps dare make such a bold statement while only a few of them will ever come close to realizing it. It’s one claim, however, that comes naturally for upscale property developer Rockwell Land Corp.

One would only need to look at the bustling, highly exclusive community that is Rockwell Center in Makati City, and the equally dynamic self contained community that is The Grove in Pasig City to see how the company was able to enhance the city landscape, as it created something magical out of the ordinary.

Indeed, the Rockwell brand has gone beyond mere claims of luxury after more than two decades in operation, as it has offered residents and tenants a whole new lifestyle with that distinct mark of opulence, prominence, prestige, and respect.

The Marvel of Arton

Latest foray

And so it is expected that Rockwell Land’s latest foray in the north will bring closer to residents in the area the same brand and lifestyle it has become largely known for.

Set to replicate the success of its previous developments in Makati, Pasig and Cebu, Rockwell Land is set to impress and wow the market anew with the launch of its latest project dubbed The Arton.

This time, Rockwell Land has set its sights to the north as it sought to introduce to the discerning market its first development in the bustling Katipunan area.

“Rockwell has always been in the line of doing business beyond ordinary. It is about time we set our sights to the North and give the Quezon City community a beautiful dwelling place that everyone can appreciate, enjoy and gain from,” said Vienn C. Tionglico-Guzman, Project Director for The Arton by Rockwell.

“The formerly-known ‘Ramos Compound’ located along Aurora Boulevard is a property that holds such charm. Who would have thought that just across the Ateneo Grade School grounds is a 2 hectare property that sits on a hill,” she added.

Rockwell Land

Offering respite, haven

As the first high-end residential community in Katipunan, The Arton promises to bring the same distinct Rockwell lifestyle in this 1.9-hectare property. This latest project from Rockwell is set to create another vibrant, self contained community for its residents who will surely revel in The Arton’s topnotch amenities and lush greenery, coupled with breathtaking views of the Ortigas skyline and the Sierra Madre mountains.

One notable feature in this project is the fact that a whopping 80 percent of the site will be dedicated to open spaces.

“Fulfilling the 100 percent Rockwell promise, The Arton is meant to be the answer to one’s much awaited aspiration to live in a safe and convenient haven. The Arton will deliver quality living and quality time for families, students and professionals to experience. The project is composed of three towers. The first, Arton West, officially launches in July and will be due for turnover in 2021,” Tionglico-Guzman shared.

Rockwell believes that the timing is just right for its entry in the area given the rising population and rapid growth that have somehow turned Katipunan into one of the busiest and most dynamic areas in Metro Manila. The Arton is thus positioned to serve as a perfect antidote to the daily struggles of those working and studying in the Katipunan area which, at the break of dawn, is already experiencing traffic.

“As early as the break of dawn, Katipunan is already in the red. Yet, because this area is home to Manila’s most prestigious universities, parents painstakingly sacrifice much time to take their precious ones to school each and every single day. This begs us to ask then, why don’t they just relocate? Or find a weekday home for the kids? The answer is this: There’s really not much out there. Nothing that brings peace of mind to the ‘Rockwell’ mom and dad,” Tionglico-Guzman related.

Premium spaces

As the company is widely known to not only develop marvelous projects but also shape the lifestyle of its residents, The Arton is poised to become Katipunan’s perfect sanctuary for start-up families, young professionals and students.

Its prime location will allow one to discover the comfort and convenience that a Rockwell project can offer, while affording one easy access to some of the country’s most prestigious universities, institutions, entertainment and leisure hubs, among others.

Meanwhile, The Arton’s three towers will each showcase premium living spaces, impeccable lifestyle choices, and the utmost in exclusivity. Its vast, welcoming grounds is highly guarded with the signature Rockwell security.

And as with the other Rockwell Land developments, privacy is also guaranteed as each tower will have its own drop-off point and lobby. There will likewise be private spaces for work or study in each of the tower’s ground floor.

“As a self-sustained community, The Arton will come with 100 percent back up power, and will have retail establishments that would serve the basic need of our residents. Off the list are shops like a ‘Groceraunt,’ or a grocer and restaurant in one, as well as housekeeping and laundry services,” Tionglico-Guzman further said.

“Each of the towers will have their own lobbies and basement parking access. Every tower will have their own co-lab area as well, as The Arton is envisioned to house bright minds who are always up for an exchange of ideas,” she added.

Moreover, The Arton’s well-thought out amenities and features are sure to awaken the inner child in you. By going beyond the basics and delivering the unexpected, Rockwell Land is again set to make history.

Indeed, The Arton is well poised to make the mundane extremely marvelous.

As published in business.inquirer.net on July 29, 2017: http://business.inquirer.net/234023/the-marvel-of-arton


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The Steady Rise of Katipunan
July 29, 2017 By

By: – Reporter / @amyremoINQ

Katipunan is an attractive residential location for both students and end-users, who are starting their own families.

It’s easy to see how land prices in the Katipunan area in Quezon City have grown by about 8 to 10 percent over the last five years.

According to commercial real estate firm Colliers International Philippines, land values in this area have risen significantly due to increasing demand for residential, retail, and lifestyle developments.

“The Katipunan area has become an extension of satellite communities located along C5. The area is supported by a couple of demand generators,” Colliers said in an e-mail to the Inquirer.

Driving The Demand

Driving the demand

Primarily, these demand generators include the presence of institutional establishments such as the University of the Philippines (UP), Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College; and of high end residential villages such as La Vista, Varsity Hills, White Plains and Ayala Heights.

“Given these drivers, the demand for residential accommodations as well as retail and leisure establishments grew and spilled over to other parts of the Katipunan area,” it added.

Indeed, the whole stretch of Katipunan is not only home to some of the country’s most prestigious universities, but is also host to a growing array of retail shops, service centers, real estate developments, and dining establishments that cater to a wide range of customers.

And it continues to do so to this day, attracting even more entrepreneurs and established brands, all seeking to make Katipunan their next home in Quezon City.

Growing interest

More recently, there seems to be a growing interest among property developers, according to Colliers, including the likes of SM, Sta. Lucia, and even an upscale realtor like Rockwell Land, which is launching The Arton.

“The growing interest among property developers is driven by demand for residential buildings and dormitories due to growing student population in the area. This has also driven the development of more retail establishments in the Katipunan area,” Colliers said.

“Overall, residential demand is being driven by the presence of major colleges and universities in the area as well as the growing disposable incomes of families and property investors with discerning preferences,” the firm further noted.

Over the medium term, Colliers sees the residential market in Katipunan becoming even more competitive as developers vie for a larger market share and provide value-for-money residential units that can offer adequate facilities and amenities.

Attractive location

Indeed, Katipunan remains an attractive location for property developers, investors, and even homebuyers, as new residential and commercial projects are being launched in this area. Hence, now is proving to be the best time for practically anyone to invest in Katipunan.

“Now is the most opportune time to invest in the Katipunan area. It is an attractive residential location for both students and end-users (who) are starting their own families,” Colliers said.

“Given the demand drivers within Katipunan and its environs, the area is also a feasible hub for property investors,” it further noted.

According to Colliers, Katipunan is an attractive location for property developers as finding a substantial parcel of land to develop for residential projects within Metro Manila remains difficult. The property acquired by Rockwell Land Corp. for its latest residential development, The Arton, appeals to both end-users and investors.

The area is said to be interesting for both homebuyers and investors due to the convenience it can offer amid the worsening traffic in Metro Manila. Its location also provides convenience to homebuyers given the area’s proximity to shopping malls and other lifestyle destinations.

Finding a location that provides a good mix of rest, relaxation and active lifestyle amenities is crucial for end-users and investors, Colliers said.

“The newly launched projects including Rockwell’s (The Arton) also provide greater security for students enrolled in major universities and colleges within the area. It is important for parents to know that their children are within a safe living environment,” the firm explained.

“Over the medium term, we see more lifestyle-oriented residential developments in the area especially with the launch of Rockwell’s residential project. Previously, most of the projects in the area are standalone residential developments. But new projects in the area are incorporating large open space for families as well as a wide array of amenities and facilities. The Rockwell project will redefine the residential landscape in the Katipunan area,” Colliers concluded.

As published in business.inquirer.net on July 29, 2017: http://business.inquirer.net/234053/steady-rise-katipunan


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