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Building Good Habits: How to stay productive at home

At this point, the work-from-home or online schooling setup is practically second nature in the new normal. That said, experiencing changes to your old lifestyle and routine, as well as the blurring boundaries between work or school and home life can pose some challenges—this includes not being able to maintain the same level of productivity while at home.

While navigating between work and personal affairs can be challenging at home, there are little steps you can take to stay productive at home and achieve optimal results. Alongside creating spaces at home to maximize productivity, certain tiny habits can help make a difference so you can continue to perform at your best, even while in a remote situation. Take note of these steps so you can build good habits for productivity


It’s important to know your priorities before starting your day. Unlike going to school or work where you can physically clock in and out, staying productive at home means having the initiative and discipline to stick to a schedule.

Telling yourself when and what you should work on can feel different when you’re at home. The key here is to prioritize and maintain a simple structure. Start with a to-do list, and categorize tasks based on importance and urgency so you know which ones to do first. You can even assign colors based on how important a task is.

That said, it’s also important to learn when to prioritize yourself once you clock out. We must not forget that we would be more efficient, productive, and fulfilled when we learn to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally.


Create a daily routine

Environmental cues like time of day, location, and even the ambiance of a place act like switches for our brains that tell them when to be productive, creative, or when it’s time to rest. This is possible even when you’re not headed to the office or the classroom. Establishing and following a daily routine allows you to use time as a mental cue in helping you prepare for the task at hand: for example, scheduling your biggest and most important tasks at 9 a.m. not only helps you quickly clear much of your to-do list but ensures that each day, your mind is prepared to be at its most productive while it is bright and early. 

Having a daily routine is not just for work; being able to slot in a schedule for exercise and wellness helps renew focus, releases endorphins or your “happy hormones,” and keeps you sharp and energized for the day. Being able to work out in a space conducive for fitness further helps you achieve optimal results. 

With most gyms and fitness studios closed, having spacious, dedicated fitness areas for private use is a clear advantage if you want to get into the zone while staying safe. 

The Arton by Rockwell has several amenities that can help you stay in shape—a fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art facilities, a multi-purpose court, and swimming pools in each tower allow maximum space for you to get fit and stay healthy with ease.


Create a workspace conducive for productivity

Clutter can distract you from the work that needs to be accomplished and even put you in a sour mood, further hindering you from accomplishing anything productive. A neat work-from-home setup with all your essentials lets you focus more sharply on your tasks while working from home.

This is not just confined to your desk, however; a neat and spacious workspace free of distractions can boost your productivity. Having ample space in your unit can help you avoid the dreaded clutter around the house simply because there is no more room to fit or stow away.  With The Arton’s generous-sized units and co-working spaces, these can help clear your mind and provide several opportunities for you to shine and accomplish more while working from home.


Adopt habits that will increase your focus

Before getting to work, it’s nice to have a daily ritual: It could be as simple as cleaning your desk, lighting up a candle, preparing coffee, or doing a few stretches. This tells your brain that you are about to begin an essential task. Similarly, having a ritual before relaxation time tells your brain that it’s time to loosen up and forget the worries of the day.

Remember, it’s also important to take breaks. While you may be set on finishing your tasks, breaks are much needed to allow your mind to recharge. Taking 15-minute power naps have been proven to boost your memory and recall, so it’s best not to skip it.Your habits and environment can set you up for success—even at home. At The Arton, we make sure you have space to support your best self. Accomplish great feats at your Katipunan home, The Arton by Rockwell. 

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