High Rise Condo Advantages No One Told You About

The dream of owning your own place has always been one of life’s milestones into a new chapter of independence. While some envision the more traditional house and lot, for others this dream has evolved into living in a gleaming high rise.

Over the last few decades, more and more families have been making the switch to the high rise lifestyle. If you’re still unsure what the fuss is about, here’s a list of high rise condo advantages no one told you about. 

Safety and Security

Most high rise condominiums have a dedicated security staff monitoring the entrances and exits of the building. While some condos will ask guests to register at the reception area, the condos from high end developers may even include facial scanners along with their temperature checks upon entrance. That means all guests and residents entering and leaving the vicinity are screened and accounted for.

Apart from that, most modern condominiums have some form of CCTV or surveillance system to monitor the premises. Some condos are even built within exclusive communities giving its residents an added sense of security, not to mention elevating the development’s market value. The Arton by Rockwell, for example, is not just a condo within a secure compound, it’s also located in an area nearby schools and universities. This makes it ideal for families that would like to live with the high rise condo advantages while being close enough to their children’s schools.

Dynamic Space

While the idea of a tiny condo is fairly common, the amount of extra space provided by common areas and amenities often have their tenants and residents feeling like they have a resort in their “backyard.” High end developments often provide a fully equipped gym or fitness studio, a relaxing pool area, function rooms and beautiful rooftops for the use of their tenants.

If it’s more home space you’re looking for, there’s always the option of investing in multiple units. Unlike dealing with different owners of single-family homes or empty lots, acquiring adjacent properties in a high rise condominium is made simple by having to deal with just one representative or developer. There are also prestigious high rise condominiums that offer sizable multi-bedroom spaces for the modern family. 

The Arton by Rockwell, is expertly designed with the family in mind. It offers breathtaking views, big living areas and open spaces, not to mention, the retail stores and restaurants available within its exclusive community.

Available Assistance

Unlike in a single-family residential real estate property, assistance is readily available in high rise condominiums. This simple luxury is one of those high rise condo advantages you didn’t know you wanted until you experienced it yourself. From something as simple as a dedicated lobby staff that can receive your mail and packages in your absence to something as important as having a trusted building maintenance staff that can assist you with basic repairs. These seemingly minimal instances are often situations you wouldn’t have the time to accommodate in this fast paced economy.

Rockwell Land properties take it a step further because their dedication to elevate their tenant’s lifestyle extends even as they explore real estate ventures. Whether you’re in the market to expand your unit, downsize, or even lease out your property, one of the high rise condo advantages that Rockwell offers is their personal assistance to see you through your real estate investment. With the impeccable customer service and hands on approach of Rockwell Land with their clientele, your current residence can just as easily be turned into a revenue generating investment.

Modern day Sanctuary

If you live in the metro, then you’ll understand the constant buzz and distant echo of all the talking people, speeding vehicles, and booming music from establishments. If true peace and quiet is something you only experience on your vacation days throughout the year, then you might want to explore the high rise lifestyle. 

One of the high rise condo advantages is the peace and quiet you can experience when you’re a few stories off the ground. Noise pollution greatly decreases the higher up you go. For this reason, even senior couples that prefer to stay close to their families have explored retiring in beautiful high rise condos. 

If the quiet isn’t enough for your peace, living in a high rise condo also means being able to stand by the window to bask in the natural light and take in the view of the horizon. If you’d like to experience a great balance between luxurious living and the safety of an exclusive community then The Arton by Rockwell is a great place to start for you and your family.

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