Elevating your child’s future at The Arton

Written by Amy R. Remo

When Letty Santiago invested in The Arton, she knew she wasn’t just moving into a new home. She was also giving her child a head start to a bright future.

Knowing that she needed to balance the exacting demands of a career and motherhood, Letty pored over critical deal breakers before making this decision—from safety, convenience, location, to quality, and lifestyle.

Foremost of her considerations, however, is to ensure the well-being of her daughter Lerica, who is currently a freshman at the Ateneo de Manila University. That’s because prior to moving to The Arton, they were living in Makati City, close to where Lerica attended senior high school. They needed a halfway home where they could stay while Lerica was in college.

Appealing investment

It was thus natural for Letty to consider and invest in The Arton—a three-tower residential development of Rockwell Land in Katipunan, Quezon City.

Its appeal, after all, extends well beyond its proximity to Ateneo and other prestigious schools, key establishments, institutions, and even upscale neighborhoods. It also offers well-appointed living spaces, state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, ample open spaces, its own retail strip housing essential shops and restaurants, as well as a secure, thriving community.

For Letty, one of the most appealing aspects of The Arton is the fact that she and her daughter will just be minutes away from Ateneo and the Katipunan strip, where you’ll find practically everything you need—from restaurants, cafes, to supermarkets, service shops and even a train station. Major thoroughfares like Aurora Blvd. and C5 Road are nearby, making it easier for anyone coming from The Arton to reach bustling business hubs.

And within The Arton itself is an array of essential establishments that would ensure the comfort and convenience of its homeowners.

Overall, it’s not just about the proximity to universities and business districts, according to Letty, but also the thoughtful integration of everyday conveniences that truly enhance the overall living experience at The Arton.

Ideal choice

Indeed, this 1.9-ha vertical community in Katipunan offers an ideal choice for solo dwellers and families aspiring to live in a neighborhood that is conducive to growth, comfort, and well-being.

For one, the residences here are well suited to varying lifestyles as The Arton offers studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units with sizes ranging from 24 sqm to 113 sqm. These sophisticated living spaces come with exquisite finishes, while the towers’ features ensure the residents’ well-being, convenience, and safety.

At present, residents are enjoying The Arton’s vast, verdant landscapes, with as much as 80 percent of the total land area being allocated for open areas. Available to them, too, are modern indulgences that help ensure their health and overall well-being—jogging paths, a fitness gym, swimming pools, a function room, an expansive indoor FIBA-sized multipurpose court, as well as co-working spaces and study areas that offer a quiet, discreet environment that encourages focus.

For Lerica, the amenities at The Arton allow her to create a balanced routine that seamlessly integrates study, work, and recreation. The co-working space at The Arton, for instance, provides a conducive ambiance that would allow users to concentrate on their studies or work. Fitness buffs like Letty meanwhile, get to hit their wellness goals without the hassle of needing to leave The Arton.

But the one feature that Lerica loved the most was the shuttle service offered by The Arton, calling it a “game-changer” in making her daily commutes more comfortable.

“I used to walk (to school), which took approximately 20 minutes. The shuttle service not only made the journey more convenient, but also eliminated the need to book a Grab. The multiple stops offered flexibility and being picked up at U.P. Town Center added an extra layer of convenience,” Lerica said.

The shuttle service’s route starts from Arton West Tower Lobby and has stops at Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, UP Town Center and Arton Strip.

Secure community

Another plus, Letty said, are the security measures implemented at The Arton, further reinforcing her confidence in choosing this community. The security system here—a distinct feature of the signature Rockwell lifestyle—operates 24/7, covering entrances and exits, while monitoring and addressing all safety concerns.

All these features not only offer peace of mind to the residents but also ensure them of a vibrant community at The Arton.

Sound choice

Clearly, Letty and Lerica both see their unit as a sound choice as they regard The Arton not just as an immediate residence but also as a long-term investment with enduring value—recognizing its potential for further capital appreciation. At the same time, The Arton perfectly fits their active, dynamic lifestyles and needs, enabling them to enjoy the many privileges that come with the Rockwell lifestyle.

“The choice of The Arton was driven by its environment, amenities, and its proximity to key locations, which makes it incredibly convenient, making this decision a strategic investment in not just my college years but for the future beyond,” Lerica said.

“For future residents considering acquiring a unit at The Arton for their children, my advice is rooted in personal experience and satisfaction. The development not only ensures a secure and comfortable living space but also presents an opportunity for long-term value growth. It’s not just a residence; it’s an investment in your child’s future, offering a blend of convenience, quality living, and potential appreciation over time,” Letty concluded.

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