At home at The Arton: Creating family spaces designed for children’s growing needs


While parents provide the roots to nourish and nurture their children, there will come a time when they have to let go and let their kids spread their wings and follow their dreams. Zara Mortel-Alcantara, architect and mom of five (Jorgina, Minggoy, Rupert, Jacob, Aya), is well aware of, and even prepared for, that. Living in Nueva Ecija, three to four hours’ drive from Metro Manila, the Alcantaras have always wanted a halfway home where their children can stay and spend their college years, and with enough room so the parents can visit and they can all enjoy quality time as a family.

By a fortunate stroke of serendipity, Zara found just what she was looking for—and so much more—in The Arton by Rockwell, in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. “We went to different condos around the area, but only Arton passed my delicate taste as an architect,” she recounts her condo-hunting experience. “The condo is well-planned, aesthetically designed, and a good investment as well.”

Investing in family

Because family is the best investment, the Alcantaras are happy to find that The Arton checks all the boxes when it comes to choosing a place for their children.

The Alcantaras have found a home for their children’s further learning at The Arton.The Alcantaras have found a home for their children’s further learning at The Arton.

Perched on a 1.9-hectare lush haven with three residential towers and vast open spaces (80-percent nature, 20-percent structure), The Arton is a few minutes away from some of the country’s prestigious universities, prominent business districts, and exciting retail destinations.

As Rockwell Land’s first high-rise condo development in Quezon City, The Arton brings to Katipunan’s happening community Rockwell’s extraordinary lifestyle.

As she sends off her children to school on their own, Zara asserts, “We want a lifestyle that will suit our children, hassle-free for them to go to school, and where they can meet new neighbors who would become their friends.”

The Arton by Rockwell is located in the Katipunan area, within reach of top schools in the country.The Arton by Rockwell is located in the Katipunan area, within reach of top schools in the country.

Top of mind, of course, as the Alcantara children fly off on their own wings, was their safety and security, which The Arton amply provides 24/7 in its neighbor-friendly community.

The Katipunan area was likewise a top choice for the kids’ schooling because, as Zara points out, “it is located near the best schools and I find it easy for them to move around within the area rather than stay in a crowded area farther away in the metro.”

Zara shares that they are particular not just about their children’s safety, but also their upbringing. But while they practice responsive parenting, they let their children express their feelings and emotions. “We let them hang out with their friends, but we make sure we still practice positive parenting where they need to follow rules.”

Zara and Joe Alcantara have their children’s future needs in mind when making investments.

The Alcantaras have instilled in their children the values of integrity, honesty, respect, and empathy. Zara stresses, “These values will help them achieve success in life, whether they live abroad or here. We envision them to be successful in their chosen careers as we send them to reputable universities like Ateneo and UP.”

Precious family bonding time

Family time is, of course, important for the Alcantaras and they make sure to make space for bonding with each other by traveling, among others. “We love exploring new places and new food,” Zara gushes. “We love painting art, playing with pets, swimming, playing games like basketball and arcades.”

Fact is, this young family of seven loves spending time together and still will, even as the older kids fly from the nest and move into their adult years. “We would like to visit our children every weekend and maybe travel as well to the North. And we plan to continue doing so even while they’re in school.”

Amenities, like the co-working space, cater to their children’s different needs.

Precious bonding time is unlimited for the Alcantaras who have opted for a 76sqm two-bedroom unit at The Arton North, with a living area for the whole family to spend time in and create beautiful memories together. Here, animated conversations can flow from the sleek open kitchen to the elegant living and dining areas.

The Living and Dining area of The Arton’s 2BR Model Unit, in partnership with Commune until March 2023

The children can make use of the tower’s co-working space, while Zara and Joe can likewise work from this area.

A wealth of fun activities likewise abounds. With their unit located within the heart of amenities at The Arton, the Alcantaras can enjoy swimming or wading around in the pool, or try some active sports in the vast open spaces. There’s an outdoor kids’ playground. There’s a fully equipped fitness gym, as well as a versatile function room, fitness studios, and a FIBA-sized multi-purpose court. Or they can brisk walk along the long and winding jogging path while basking in the vibrant views of the metro’s skyline and the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range.

At The Arton by Rockwell, the Alcantaras have found a loving home away from home.

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The Arton has partnered with Commune to offer exclusive discounts for your Rockwell home in Katipunan. To know more, visit the Sales Lounge located in Arton Strip, Katipunan or



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