Fun Family Activities to Complement Online Learning

There are many ways children can learn and gain knowledge: from more traditional methods such as reading and writing, to more modern ways such as streaming educational videos or playing with educational apps.

With schools implementing distance learning schemes, there is an opportunity for children to make the most out of their learning at home, beyond their lessons from a Zoom call. Child development experts say that one of the best ways for children to learn is through playtime and hands-on experiences: so why not nurture your child’s mind through fun family activities?

Doing fun activities together as a family engages your little one’s imagination and helps you bond together. These educational activities let you create unforgettable memories, and share  lasting  lessons that help them reach their potential. Here are some fun ideas on activities you can do together that foster learning and curiosity. 

Easy Science Experiments

Your kids may be learning about theories and scientific topics through their online classes, but how can you ignite their curiosity as budding scientists? Foster an appreciation for the science concepts they learn in school by applying them in real life through fun home experiments. While your guidance is needed in explaining these concepts and helping them with the messier elements, encourage a hands-on experience by assigning them with kid-friendly tasks.

Besides the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano, here are some easy kitchen experiments to help you get started: Dip apple slices in various kinds of liquid to observe which ones affect oxidation, or learn how you can insert a hard-boiled egg inside a bottle. While these are safe and doable for the little ones, they will also require ample kitchen counter space.

The Arton | Two Bedroom Room


Roleplaying and Storytelling

Roleplaying is important for children as it helps them make sense of the world by learning how to empathize, improving their communication skills, developing problem-solving abilities, and unleashing their imagination. Your home sets the stage for their make-believe world; they will need lots of living room space to act out their favorite characters or scenes with ease. Take it a step further by employing costumes and props, and let them take the lead.

Help them improve their storytelling abilities by mounting a puppet show or a play in your living area, with enough room for a family audience. Enrich their performances with puppets that are easy and safe to make: whether they’re sock puppets, paper bag puppets, or finger puppets.

Set a date and time for the performance, and don’t forget the popcorn!


Outdoor Games and Challenges

Outdoor games and challenges are a great way to keep children active and healthy while having fun in a safe and secure community. Give your kids a chance to stretch their legs by planning exciting games and challenges. Plan a treasure hunt around a garden, hiding riddles behind bushes, fountains, or benches. Not only does this get them moving in a fun way, it allows them to engage in problem solving and comprehension.

Playing outdoors also gives you a chance to teach them childhood games you grew up with that may not be familiar to them today. Teach them classic Filipino games that have been played for generations, such as patintero, luksong tinik, tumbang preso, luksong baka, and piko. You can also show them how to play other well-loved games such as tag and hide-and-seek. Spending time outdoors in sprawling spaces within a secure community allows you to make memories without inhibition.

While children can certainly learn from the pages of a book or a computer screen, there is no doubting the important role that parents and family members play in encouraging your child’s growth. Help your children spread their wings, grow comfortably, and learn to their fullest potential in a space that allows your family to grow and create wonderful memories together. Shape the family life you want for your little ones in a development that is fully designed to nurture your children’s growth.

With spacious cuts and wide outdoor areas in an upscale and vibrant community, The Arton by Rockwell  provides a safe and exclusive environment for families, so their children can grow and make the most of their abilities. Located in Katipunan, Quezon City, The Arton by Rockwell is a stone’s throw away from the country’s top schools and nature-filled retreats, providing a serene, family-friendly neighborhood with a diverse mix of retail businesses and other conveniences. 

Being situated in a prime university hub, The Arton also makes a valuable investment for real estate, perfect for leasing to students who want to live at the center of university and student life.

As the first high-end, high-rise development in Katipunan, Quezon City, The Arton by Rockwell inspires learning and growth in this peaceful neighborhood, so families can live life to the fullest with the signature Rockwell touch.


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