Working From Home: Turning Your Living Space into a Workspace

Since the pandemic hit last year, the workplace has had to adjust to the circumstances. Working from home became the norm for most industries, as the country strived to comply with health protocols and social distancing measures. Many of us had to set up temporary work stations in our living spaces, anticipating this move to be a temporary measure.

A year later, it seems that the work-from-home scheme will continue to be in place until the country has recovered enough to allow companies to safely return to work. If you have been working from home since 2020, now is the time to set up a more permanent and conducive workspace at home in order to ensure optimal productivity.

Create a more professional environment and foster high performances by turning your living space into a functional workspace. Here are some tips on how to set up a truly WFH-ready space.

Follow the light

As much as possible, set up in an area that has abundant natural light, such as by a window or a balcony. Natural light invigorates you and prepares the mind to get ready for a productive day, as it helps regulate your circadian rhythms. The light shining in from the window also boosts Vitamin D, which helps fight depression, diabetes, and chronic pain.

Natural light also keeps you healthier. According to a Cornell University study, workers’ issues such as headaches, eye strain, and blurred vision decreased by 84 percent after being exposed to natural light.

Condo units with wide glass windows or a balcony offer the best natural light possible –– an important consideration for your desk location.


Clear out clutter

Is your desk or table filled with household items and other objects unrelated to work? Clear them away. Clutter can become a significant source of stress, which can hinder you from getting in the zone when it comes to work.

Clutter on your desk can signal several things to your brain: It tells your brain that your work is never done; it provides too much stimuli, making you lose focus; It can hinder creativity by filling in the open spaces that visually stimulate you to think and brainstorm. You can start reducing clutter by taking out the things you do not really need. 

Think about the desk objects you regularly use in a week. If there’s a stack of folders or books you haven’t touched in a week, they’re not that essential –– stow them away in a crate or container for safekeeping. For items that are not used regularly but need to be within reach when you need them, set them aside in a separate shelf exclusively dedicated to those objects.


Out of sight, out of mind

Blinking in front of you is a 10-page report that is yet to be completed–but the remote control is just a few inches away. Keep distractions such as tablets, gaming consoles, remote control, and other unnecessary items out of sight, so you can focus on the task at hand. 


Invest in workspace real estate 

Going to the office meant being able to clock in and out of work, physically and mentally. The work-from-home setup has no such liberty, but that does not mean you cannot manage your work and home lives efficiently. One way to effectively work from home and save yourself from burnout is to create a distinction between your work zone and home. A cleared off section of the dining table or your living room may do the job–but to create significant results and perform well, it is important to invest in your workspace, where you can mentally clock out of work when needed.

The best way to do this is by investing in a real home office desk and setting it up in an unused room to create a makeshift office–a vacant guest room will do. You can also consider a standing table to break from sitting the whole day, and to help you finish tasks faster. 

Anyone can make do with what one has for a WFH setup, but being able to dedicate an entire space that lets you separate work from home life primes you for optimal productivity. With spacious units and two to three bedrooms, the Arton allows you ample space for your lifestyle needs, with each bedroom wide enough to set up a workspace.

Ramp up your WFH results with a complete change of scenery and the ability to physically step out of your own home. The Arton by Rockwell in Katipunan, Quezon City has expansive co-working spaces that foster maximum productivity and creativity. With the Arton Strip nearby, residents are minutes away from a retail row where they can order drinks and treats that can help them get into a working mindset.

As working from home continues to become the norm, it becomes all the more essential that your home allows you to carry on with all the endeavors that matter. Invest in a place that allows you to be at your best and maximize your growth, while fostering a work-life balance in a serene environment.

With spacious unit cuts, wide outdoor areas, and a mix of recreational amenities and co-working spaces, The Arton by Rockwell in Katipunan, Quezon City allows you to live a vibrant life of work and play. With a warm and convivial neighborhood, The Arton provides a safe and exclusive community for families to grow, while being close to a diverse mix of retail establishments, premier conveniences, and the country’s best schools such as UP Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College.

Experience the family-friendly charms of Katipunan while living life to the fullest, the Rockwell way. Visit or contact us at 091788ARTON to learn more today.

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